A new website has been launched to help preserve and collect aspects of Traveller culture including art, photographs and other documents.

The website www.travellercollection.ie was launched at the Hugh Lane Gallery in Dublin.

The project arose out of an exhibition at the gallery in 2018, organised by artist Séamus Nolan in conjunction with organisations including Pavee Point and Roma Centre.

This site, and a new publication also called Traveller Collection aims to collect information and images, and also allow Travellers themselves to have an input into the collection.

Martin Collins, Co-Director Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre said the collection helps give much needed visibility to Traveller culture and identity within art institutions.

Director of the gallery Dr Barbara Dawson said the project was part of the gallery's ongoing engagement with diverse communities and participatory, practice based artists.

Artist Seamus Nolan said: "This artwork is not a museum to present the archives of Traveller culture nor the archives of settled visions or versions of interactions with Travellers but an attempt to open up a contextual space of commonality where previously these spaces served to exclude."