Shows produced by a number of theatres and festivals may have to be cancelled because of new government regulations, the National Campaign for the Arts has said.

The NCFA, which is a grassroots organisation, represents artists from across the sector said it welcomed the fact that the Minister for Arts and the Minister for Health had agreed on the basic capacity figures for artistic performances. 

But it said the decision that no more than 15 people could attend a show outside was not realistic for the sector. 

The NCFA said that when the Government guidelines stated that 200 people could attend a show outside, bodies like the Abbey, Druid, the Galway International Arts Festival and the Dublin Theatre Festival created outdoor programmes, but these will now have to be cancelled or re-staged indoors at cost.

The group also queried why music venues had been left out of the new guidelines, saying they too could stage socially distant performances in compliance with the new regulations.

Earlier this week the Government announced that cinemas, galleries and theatres could continue to operate with groups of 50 people but that outdoor cultural events were limited to 15.