What's it like to be a black Donald Trump supporter in a year when the voices of the Black Lives Matter movement grow louder and the president fans the flames of racial fire?

For Immanuel Jarvis, he doesn’t go around advertising that he backs the president, as polls suggest that fewer than 10% of black voters support Donald Trump's reelection.

"To some degree you have to be careful of who knows who you are, what you do and what you believe," he told RTÉ’s States of Mind podcast.

But Mr Jarvis wants the world to know that he's on the same page as President Trump, believing that he has done more for African-Americans than Abraham Lincoln.

The North Carolina Republican Chair speaks to the podcast about how a hurricane swept him from the Democratic Party to the GOP and how he believes conservatism can bring African-Americans from poverty to prosperity.

Also, Brian O'Donovan goes on the road in Pennsylvania as the Pence and Biden campaigns hit the swing state to try to woo voters.

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