Ministers met at Dublin Castle this afternoon to discuss a number of issues, including Brexit and the July stimulus package, which is aimed at saving businesses and jobs.

It is the fourth Cabinet meeting since the Government was formed last month.

Also on the agenda was the Covid-19 Credit Guarantee Scheme, which will help give small and medium businesses access to finance.

The Government is due to announce the measures next week.

Ahead of the European Union council meeting later this week, ministers discussed Brexit and the next EU seven-year Budget.

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Eamon Ryan and Pippa Hackett of the Green Party pictured arriving for today's Cabinet meeting

The Government is due to publish a 'Green List' of countries on 20 July, however the current advice is to avoid all non-essential foreign travel.

A spokesperson said the Government would continue to monitor information from National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) and other agencies on the reproduction rate of the virus.

That and the number of new cases will help determine Government decisions on international travel.