The parents of Nóra Quoirin have said they are "pleased and relieved" that an inquest will be held into their daughter's death in Malaysia last year.

Meabh Quoirin told RTÉ News that it had been a long fight to get officials to agree to this inquest.

"It's been a team effort. We've had the support from the British government and the Irish government. The French have supported us as well along the way. It just shows that being determined and acting as a block resulted in what we have been fighting for," said Sebastien Quoirin.

Malaysian authorities initially denied an inquest into the teenager's death after a preliminary post-mortem ruled that the 15-year-old died of intestinal bleeding, possibly caused by hunger or stress.

Nóra Quoirin's parents told RTÉ News last December they believed there may have been a criminal element to her disappearance and death.

"It's not our belief that she wandered off but what really matters is to look at all the facts," added Meabh Quoirin.

Meabh and Sebastien Quoirin pictured in Malaysia as the search got underway

It is almost one year since their family holiday became a tragedy. Nóra Quoirin's body was found around 2km from the Dusun Rainforest Resort, 10 days after she vanished from her room.

"Any grieving family will tell you that the year of firsts is particularly brutal and we're no exception," said her grieving mother.

"Her birthday stands out as a day that we had to battle through but as we've always said, she is with us and she gives us the courage and determination to fight and that's what we're going to do."

The inquest is scheduled to take place from 24 August to 4 September and will hear from 60 witnesses.

Meabh said they hope the inquest will fully explore all the circumstances surrounding her daughter's disappearance and death.

The couple will be the first to speak at the hearing via a video link, as they cannot travel due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"Nora disappeared on 4 August and this is happening on 24 August, all of that feels daunting enough. With her by our sides, she will get us through this.

"We feel it is really important not just to stand up for Nóra but all the children who have special needs," said Meabh Quoirin.