When Nóra Quoirin disappeared a small organisation set up to support people in crisis overseas rallied around her heartbroken family.

The Lucie Blackman Trust supported the Quoirins during their week of "hell" by acting as spokespeople for the family and providing practical logistical and fundraising support.

Formed after the brutal killing in Japan of Lucie Blackman in 2000, the trust was set up to support British nationals in crisis overseas.

Now, in honour of Nóra, the Lucie Blackman Trust is opening an office in Ireland.

Nóra's mum Meabh said: "We are so proud of that. We really want to support their efforts here. They've already had more than 30 cases come to them since they announced they were going to open an operation here in Irealnd and it's so needed."

The Quoirins said it is "amazing" that their eldest daughter helped encourage the trust to also support families here in Ireland.

The organisation was originally formed to provide free advice and training on safety overseas. However, it evolved over time to provide families with information, liaison, advice and support throughout a missing person's case.

One of Meabh's colleagues got in touch with the trust about Nóra's disappearance and from that moment the Lucie Blackman Trust was with them day and night.

Meabh said: "You’re struggling to comprehend what's going on around you. It’s not the time or place to even know what to do and you've the added complication of trying to handle a crisis in a foreign jurisdiction with cultural and linguistic barriers on top."

Meabh added: "I can’t really even today comprehend the sheer volume of stuff they were trying to deal with on our behalf and they were there advising us on what we needed to anticipate and who we needed to engage with politically and diplomatically."

Having that practical and emotional support is something the Quoirins are eternally grateful for during the tragedy.

To find out more about the Lucie Blackman Trust in Ireland click here.