Labour Party Leader Brendan Howlin has accused the Government of being far too passive in its planning for a no-deal Brexit.

Mr Howlin said that with just over 50 days to go, Brexit is chaotic and out of control and it is already impacting manufacturing companies in Ireland.

He told a meeting of his parliamentary party in Cork that a hard Brexit is more likely than ever and ordinary workers will be the ones to pay the price.

Mr Howlin warned that a no-deal Brexit will be much more sudden than the 2008 crash and the effect on jobs will be immediate and catastrophic. 

He called on the Government to reveal its latest estimates for job losses in a no-deal scenario.

The Labour leader said too that while the Taoiseach must be welcoming to Boris Johnson when he visits Dublin tomorrow, Leo Varadkar must make it clear that Ireland will not be pushed aside. 

Labour is meeting over the next two days in Cork city and the theme of the discussions is 'Building an Equal Society'.

The party wants a change in economic policy in Ireland to tackle inequality.

It will set out its red lines for joining any future government, which will include increasing spending on health services, housing and wage increases for low paid workers.