Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said tomorrow's meeting with the British Prime Minister is an opportunity to see what common ground might exist, saying he does believe all governments want there to be a Brexit deal.

But he said he does not expect any big breakthroughs at the meeting when Boris Johnson visits Dublin.

"I don't think the meeting tomorrow is a high stakes meeting, as I don't anticipate a big breakthrough tomorrow, if we come to an agreement that agreement will happen most likely in October at the EU summit," Mr Varadkar said.

"But the stakes are high, certainly I don't think anyone can argue with that."

The Taoiseach was speaking during a tour of Dublin Port, where he viewed the €30 million investment that has been put in place to prepare for a possible no-deal Brexit.

Mr Varadkar said of the meeting: "It's an opportunity to get to know each other better, talk about solutions in Northern Ireland and see if there's common ground".

He said he did not share Mr Johnson's view that he would rather be "dead-in-a-ditch" than request an extension.

"It's important we never forget what this is about ... It's about protecting peoples' jobs, protecting businesses, livelihoods, peace, and security," he said.

He said politicians should be prepared to request an extension, but described the situation in the UK as "very fluid".

"Prime Minister May was unable to get a deal ratified with a parliamentary majority. Prime Minister Johnson doesn't have a majority, so I'll be asking him how he can convince us - Ireland and the EU - how he is capable of getting a vote through," he said.

Mr Varadkar said "a lot has changed" since September 2017, including a change of government and prime minister in the UK.

"I'd hope that an opportunity to share analyses and talk about the issues will be helpful. I'm conscious the Prime Minister did vote for the withdrawal agreement including the backstop at one point. We'll see how it develops. I'm looking forward to the meeting.

"If there is going to be a solution, it's going to be an agreement between the UK and EU on principles based on regulatory alignment," Mr Varadkar said.

"Sooner or later we're going to have a deal. Even if no deal happens on November 1, within weeks or months we're going to have to sit down and talk about citizens' rights, the Irish border and the settlement of EU citizens.

"Those issues have to be resolved first."

Mr Varadkar said ports and airports around the country will be ready on 1 November, adding that nobody in the Irish Government wants there to be checks at the border.

"If we do need to have checks, that's going to be a bit different. We're working out the conditions of that with the European Commission. Once we know what they are and they are agreed to, we will give that information out," the Taoiseach said.

He said he understood that businesses want to know more information, but said he did not think "half-information" would help anyone.

The Dublin Port Company released a video showing border inspection sites at Dublin Port.

Meanwhile, Labour leader Brendan Howlin has said that while the Taoiseach must be welcoming to Mr Johnson, Mr Varadkar must make it clear that Ireland will not be pushed aside.

Yesterday, Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald urged the Taoiseach not to accept any checks on the island of Ireland in the event of a no-deal Brexit. 

Former taoiseach John Burton said Britain's House of Commons is paralysed in its attempts to agree on any solution to resolve the Brexit impasse. 

Speaking on RTÉ's Marian Finucane Programme with Brendan O'Connor, Mr Bruton also said it looks as if Mr Johnson is working towards a no-deal outcome, rather than working towards getting a deal.

Mr Bruton said that when former prime minister Theresa May was in office, there were 100 staff working with her negotiating team, which has now been slashed to less than a quarter of that figure, showing where the current British government's priorities lie.

There will be full coverage of the meeting between Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tomorrow morning at 9am on RTÉ One television, RTÉ News Now, online and radio.