RTÉ staff have been told that the broadcaster's current financial situation is unlike anything it has seen before and that it is reassessing everything it does.

In a note to staff, Director General Dee Forbes said that while the decision by Government to tender for licence collection services was welcome, the decision to defer implementation of a revised media charge means a crisis in the funding of public service media will continue.

She said with commercial revenues and public funding both significantly below what is needed to operate the organisation in its current form, RTÉ's financial situation is not like anything it has seen before and that as a result, "it will no longer be possible to continue as we are".

Dee Forbes said the RTÉ Executive, together with the RTÉ Board, had been reassessing everything the organisation currently does and what it continues to do in the future.

That review is almost complete and Ms Forbes said details will be shared with staff as soon as practicable.

It is expected that more details will be made available to staff in October.