The sentencing of two teenage boys for the murder of 14-year-old Ana Kriégel has been adjourned to 29 October to allow psychiatric assessments to take place.

Victim impact statements will also be heard at that stage. 

The two 14-year-old boys, known as Boy A and Boy B, were convicted last month of the murder of the schoolgirl at a derelict house in Lucan in May 2018.

Boy A was also found guilty of violently sexually assaulting her.

Both boys were in court today. 

Mr Justice Paul McDermott said probation reports had been prepared and were before the court although they had not yet been seen by the prosecution or the defence.  

He was told that victim impact statements had been prepared by the Kriégel family but that they wanted them to be heard at the same time as the sentencing of the boys was taking place. 

Prosecution counsel Brendan Grehan said psychiatric reports had been ordered by the court but no assessments had yet been carried out.

He said the court had to consider the provisions of the Children's Act and in relation to Boy A, the provisions of the Sex Offenders' Act.  

Mr Grehan said the court was aware there was a special duty on State bodies to deal expeditiously with children in the criminal process. 

Mr Justice McDermott said in view of the content of the probation reports, it would be inappropriate to proceed with the sentencing hearing without the psychiatric reports the court had requested. 

He said the court had also received reports from Oberstown in relation to the facilities available for the two boys and had correspondence from Professor Harry Kennedy, the clinical director of the Central Mental Hospital. 

The judge said Professor Kennedy wanted to proceed with two teams to assess each boy - each made up of an adult forensic psychiatrist and child psychiatrist, with the assistance of psychologists if required.  

He said this would take some time and it did not seem realistic that these reports would be ready before the end of July. The judge said he was conscious of the expedition required but also had to be conscious of the realities.

He said the time required was necessary and dictated by the practicalities of the case.  

Mr Grehan said the time limits laid down in the legislation were designed to ensure expedition where this was possible but the courts should never be thwarted from gaining assistance from any source and the interests of children should not be neglected. 

Everyone had moved with expedition he said but matters were going to take longer. 

Mr Justice McDermott adjourned the sentencing to 29 October when all matters will be heard.  He remanded the two boys back to Oberstown detention centre until then. 

Both teenagers sat at the back of the court with their families.

The Kriégel family were also in court.