Government Departments are seeking to find €100m in savings from capital projects to meet cost overruns on the National Children's Hospital project.

A memo will go to Government on Tuesday with the details of the spending changes for this year.

The move was confirmed in correspondence sent to the Oireachtas Finance Committee this afternoon.

Some €50m of the money will have to be found in the health capital budget and the remaining €50m will come from other departments.

RTÉ News understands that some have been asked to find upwards of €3m.

It is likely to result in delays to the upgrading of things such as health centres.

The Government has insisted the changes will be manageable and the delays will only be a matter of weeks in some cases.

Elsewhere, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said that he has "absolute confidence" in Minister for Health Simon Harris following the controversy over his handling of the cost overruns at the hospital.