An independent review into allegations of inappropriate behaviour and abuse of power against Michael Colgan has concluded that the former Gate Theatre director has a "case to answer". 

The review outlines details of testimony given to it by former employees and others at the theatre.

Michael Colgan, who co-operated with the review, rejected outright allegations of sexual harassment.

Following allegations of abuse of power against Mr Colgan the theatre appointed workplace relations expert Gaye Cunningham to conduct an independent review, an amended version of which was published today.

Under the heading Dignity at Work, the review says it was told by individuals that Mr Colgan "managed by fury", used "profane language" and made young female staff cry telling them, "I'm glad you cried, it shows you care".

It is also claimed he regularly told people "you won't work in this industry again" and that some freelancers, including actors and directors, were "struck off the list" and not engaged again by the Gate.

The report also details alleged inappropriate behavior, including placing himself in close proximity to staff, putting his hand on their knee and making inappropriate comments.

Ms Cunningham concluded Mr Colgan had a "case to answer" in relation to dignity at work issues, abuse of power and inappropriate behaviour.

The Gate is now under new management, but the report also contains 14 recommendations for the theatre, including training for all managers and zero tolerance of abuse of power.

In his response, Mr Colgan said he was a tactile person. He said he treated his team like a family and sometimes blurred the lines and that he now realises he should have had a code of ethics and rules of conduct.

However, he rejected outright allegations of sexual harassment and said this is not the tip of the iceberg where other allegations may be made and he denied shouting at staff or using profane language.

The board of the Gate today reiterated its unreserved apology to those who experienced the behaviours detailed in the review and said work to implement the recommendations is already under way.