The latest 'Red C' Sunday Business Post poll has found although a majority of those surveyed intend to vote 'Yes' in the referendum, many have reservations about same-sex marriage.

A total of 77% of those surveyed said they intend to vote 'Yes'  (59% agreeing strongly; 18% agreeing slightly).

Against this, the disagree slightly (9%) and disagree strongly (13%) total 22%.

Analysis of the figures by Richard Colwell of Red C reveals that over a third of those whose intend to vote for the referendum still have reservations including concerns about same-sex couples adopting children.

When these are factored out of the overall figure, the  core 'Yes' vote drops to 44%.

A total of 81% of those polled agreed that people in same-sex relationships should be able to have the same rights as "traditional families", which is a rise of one per cent from February of last year.

The Sunday Business Post said the overall figures indicate that many votes in favour of the Government proposal are "soft", which means people could change their minds before polling day.