39 families became homeless in Dublin over the past month, according to new figures from housing charity Focus Ireland.

The charity warned that the figures showed that the homeless crisis in Ireland is continuing to deepen, with one family losing their home in Dublin alone every day this year.

The figures were announced as the charity made a submission to a Department of Social Protection review. 

The Focus Ireland submission called for rent supplement payments to match real rent levels to help prevent families and individuals from losing their homes. 

The charity's submission also warns that the Government's rent review process is fatally flawed and will not solve the problem.

Director of Advocacy Mike Allen said: "A lot of the families that are becoming homeless and others we are supporting to try to prevent them losing their homes have been forced to top-up the rent supplement to meet the market cost of rent as the rent supplement doesn’t cover the rent. 

"Paying this top-up month on month is clearly not sustainable and it just pushes families deeper into debt and nearer to homelessness."

The charity said the Government must raise rent supplement rates to stop the rise in the number of families losing their homes because they cannot afford to pay their rent.