Journalist John Waters spent a number of hours in jail this afternoon for non-payment of a €40 parking fine.

The well known Irish Times columnist refused to pay the fine in a case relating to 2011.

A judge ordered that he pay the fine or be jailed for a day.

When the period permitted for him to make the payment expired, a warrant was issued for his arrest.

He presented himself at Dún Laoghaire Garda Station this morning by arrangement with gardaí.

He was then taken by garda car to Wheatfield Prison in west Dublin to serve his one-day jail term.

The Irish Times reported that he was processed into the prison population, as is normal with any new committal, and was then almost immediately released from his prison sentence.

In total, he spent around two hours in the prison.

Mr Waters has claimed that the parking ticket was unfair, saying he was just one minute late in returning to his car after a 15-minute grace period had expired.