The Chairman of the Constitutional Convention has warned lobby groups they may be blocked from making presentations to the convention if they partake in excessive lobbying of its members.

Tom Arnold said that ground rules for lobbying will be put in place and interest groups will be asked to comply with them.

He said he does not want citizen members of the convention to be subjected to undue pressure.

Mr Arnold was speaking to RTÉ's This Week programme following the first meeting of the convention in Dublin yesterday.

He said the balance needed to be struck between people expressing their views and the convention listening to them.

He told the programme that he is very open to having views expressed, but a rule of "fairness" would apply.

Mr Arnold confirmed that all members of the convention have accepted that their names and general areas of the country from which they come will be made public.

There had been concerns that the identities of 66 citizen members of the public would not be revealed.

He said there was never any intention to keep names secret. Mr Arnold said the issue of secrecy surrounding members of the convention is now "off the table".