The Garda Ombudsman Commission has said the number of gardaí being disciplined and charged with criminal offences is increasing.

154 gardaí were disciplined in the past year, according to the Ombudsman's annual report issued today. The report says 16 gardaí were prosecuted, six of whom were convicted and two of whom were jailed.

There was also an increase in the number of deaths in custody and road traffic incidents involving the members of the gardaí.

The ombudsman received 2,275 complaints about gardaí last year, more than a third of which were inadmissible because they were vexatious, frivolous or not lodged in time.

The most common complaint was abuse of authority, followed by neglect of duty, discourtesy and allegations of assault or violence by gardaí.

A quarter of those who complained did so because they had been arrested. Most of the complaints came from north Dublin, Dublin's south inner city, Cork city and Donegal.

The Garda Ombudsman cost €8.5 million to operate last year, of which nearly €6m was spent on pay.

Meanwhile, the ombudsman said an inquiry into allegations that gardaí colluded with the convicted drug dealer Kieran Boylan in moving and supplying drugs, which has been on-going now for the past four years, is almost complete and is expected to be published in the autumn.