The Government has published its latest strategy for online access to public services such as passport renewal, welfare benefits and driving licence applications.

"Supporting Public Service Reform: eGovernment 2012-2015"  contains 45 ways of increasing efficiency, avoiding duplication, saving money, and making online services more attractive.

The strategy considers incentives to encourage online use such as lowering fees, priority handling, and later deadlines for online applications.

Between now and the end of 2013 a number of services will be assessed for electronic delivery. However, there are no specific timelines for enactment of individual online projects.

The renewal of adult passports, welfare benefits and entitlement applications are all being considered.

Land registry services, planning applications and objections and elements of the application process for a driving licence are also being reviewed.

The Government will also be looking at improved electronic mechanisms involving company incorporation, relevant contracts, tax and business reporting for corporation tax.

More services will be made compatible with smart phones and social media, and the strategy says Government departments should publish more data in machine readable formats to make it easier for customers to use information.

It also advocates a better use of digital mapping technology to develop live data services such as bus arrival times.

The Public Services Card and identity authentication technology are central to the eGovernment strategy.

6,200 cards have already been issued and are being used in a pilot scheme in three Department of Social Protection local offices.

The Department of Public Expenditure & Reform has instructed all other departments to complete project plans for developing online services by the end of September.