Broadband providers have been discussing ways to make sure Ireland is able to deal with technological advances in the sector.

The chief executives of broadband providers UPC, Magnet and DigiWeb say enhanced competition in the marketplace is the key to delivering choice, access and value when it comes to the provision of broadband.

Today's meeting comes ahead of the publication of a discussion document on next generation broadband by Communications Minister Eamon Ryan tomorrow.

The companies have urged the Government to maintain a focus on the issue and ensure that everything is done to enable service providers to offer faster connections.

They predict the amount of information on the Internet and the way in which people access it will radically change in the next few years.

If Ireland is not in a position to facilitate this by having faster connections to the Internet, the companies claim business and personal users will suffer.

The providers say the Government has to ensure that telecommunications companies have access to existing infrastructure and State assets so they can provide cheaper services.

They are also calling for increased powers for communications regulator ComReg to guarantee real competition in the market.

Chief Executive of Magnet Networks Mark Kellet says a 'tsunami' of information is fast approaching and warns that it will sweep away technology platforms that have failed to invest or innovate.

The companies have urged Minister Ryan to continue investment in broadband infrastructure so Ireland can catch up with other countries that are already far ahead in terms of broadband coverage and download speeds.