New research has found that Irish Internet users are attacked online nearly 300 times each day.

The research into online security, released by the Department of Communications today to launch its Market Secure campaign, also found that one in three online shoppers have experienced a threat of some kind over the last year.

Irish Internet users are faced with 298 phishing attacks every day and such incidents are expected to hit an all time high this year.

The term phishing relates to attempts by fraudsters to find out sensitive information online by masquerading as trustworthy services.

The findings also show that the majority of parents have taken measures to protect their children's security online.

Eight out of ten parents have given advice or rules to their children, and 68% are monitoring their children's Internet use.

Minister for Communications, Energy & Natural Resources, Eamon Ryan, said that the statistics should not deter people from surfing the Internet, but he warned people to take precautions to protect themselves online.

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