The Netherlands, well known for its liberal policies on soft drugs like marijuana, may follow Ireland and ban the sale of hallucinogenic mushrooms. 

Recently, a teenage tourist in the Netherlands died after jumping off a bridge during a trip.

The Irish government banned the sale and possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms under similar circumstances last year after a Dublin man fell to his death at a Halloween party in 2005.

Dutch Health Minister Ab Klink ordered a special study into the 'magic' mushrooms and their effects Tuesday. A majority of lawmakers in the Netherlands is in favour of a ban, according to the Dutch news agency ANP.

Both dried and fresh mushrooms can be bought freely in so-called 'smart shops' even though 'actively' dried mushrooms are technically illegal.

Amsterdam, the Dutch capital, has become an international tourist destination because of its tolerance for soft drug use and government-regulated coffee shops that legally sell small amounts of cannabis.