The owner of a shop in Cork which sells magic mushrooms has failed in court to stop customs seizing shipments of mushrooms she imports.

Helen Stone told the High Court that customs officers had seized four shipments of the mushrooms worth over €7,000, two of those in the past fortnight.

Ms Justice Mary Laffoy said there was a fair issue to be tried and said she would give an early date for a hearing of the case. However, she did not grant the injunction stopping Customs from seizing Helen Stone's mushrooms.

Ms Stone says even though the mushrooms contain illegal chemicals, they are legal because she imports them in a fresh and unprocessed state.

However, Customs contends the mushrooms are illegal because of the illegal chemicals.

Magic Mushrooms are openly on sale in a number of shops all over the country and neither gardaí, Customs, or the Departments of Justice and Health know if they are legal or illegal.