The jury hearing the inquest into the death of an unidentified baby girl stabbed to death 34 years ago is expected to retire to consider its verdict tomorrow.

On the third day of the inquest, a brother of Cynthia Owen - the woman who says she is gave birth to the child when aged 11 - denied there was any sexual abuse at a house in Dalkey in south Co Dublin.

One of the first witnesses to give evidence today at Dublin County Coroners Court, sitting in Tallaght, was Peter Murphy Junior, who is two years older than Cynthia.

He said the house at Whites Villas in Dalkey was a happy home in hard times. He said there was no sexual abuse in the house. He said the evidence given by two of his sisters. including Cynthia. that he had abused them was untrue.

Another witness, Ken Walsh, who went out with Cynthia's sister Frances, told of an incident when he said their mother, Josephine, had come to his home and held a scissors towards him in a raised hand. He says he ran off.

Josephine Murphy died last year. A statement of hers was read into the public record where she denied the allegation that she had stabbed the baby girl in 1973.

She said her daughter Cynthia was not the mother of that baby.

The jury also heard from Rosemarie Warren, who was Cynthia Owen's teacher in April 1973, when Cynthia was in 5th class in Dalkey and in a class of around 45 girls.

Rosemarie Warren said she never noticed any sign of pregnancy in Cynthia.

Two of Cynthia's friends from childhood took the witness box.

Both said that at some time when Cynthia was very young her stomach got big and she always had a jacket on.

They said they now believed that Cynthia Owen was pregnant at the time.

A Garda from Dún Laoghaire, Detective Dominic Hearns, told of taking a statement from Cynthia Owen in 1995 alleging child abuse and that she was the mother of the murdered infant from 1973.

He was asked by the coroner to give an opinion on the information Cynthia had supplied but said he was not in a position to do so.

The garda told the inquest that officers had searched in 1995 for the green bag in which the baby's body had been left 22 years before.

They searched Dún Laoghaire Garda Station and Garda Headquarters and the technical bureau but the bag and the items found inside are missing.

Two proposed witnesses are now medically unfit to give evidence to the inquest including Cynthia Owen's father Peter senior.

It is expected this inquest will finish tomorrow with the jury retiring to consider its verdict.