Two clinical psychologists who examined the woman who claims to be the mother of an unidentified baby girl found murdered in 1973 both say they found her account of the incident credible.

Cynthia Owen gave details of giving birth and witnessing the killing that are not thought to have been in the public domain.

When Ms Owen came forward in June 1995, saying she had given birth to the baby and had witnessed a woman stabbing the infant to death, gardaí asked a clinical psychologist to examine her.

That psychologist, Fred Lowe, said the account given by Ms Owen was 'disturbing and credible'.

She described how the bag with the baby's body had been thrown over a wall and she described items which were also in the bag.

Mr Lowe stated that he did not believe Cynthia Owen was mentally ill.

This view was supported by another psychologist from Wales who met with Ms Owen in over 70 sessions.

This afternoon, one of Ms Owen's sisters also said she had been sexually abused in the family home by an individual from the age of eight until she was 10.

However another sister, Margaret Stokes, gave evidence in which she said she did not believe either sister had been abused.

Ms Stokes also said she did not believe claims contained in a 35 page suicide note, left by her own daughter, which outlined allegations of repeated abuse at the house in Dalkey.

1995 confrontation

Ms Owen earlier gave evidence of confronting the person she says murdered the infant.

She said the confrontation took place at Dún Laoghaire Garda Station in June 1995, some months after she came forward with claims that she had given birth to the baby.

She alleged that she gave birth when she was 11 years old and had had witnessed a woman, identified in court as 'B', stabbing the child over 40 times.

Ms Owen said that in the presence of three gardaí she had accused 'B' of killing the baby, saying 'you stabbed the baby with knitting needles'. 'B', who died last year, had responded 'may God forgive you'.

This morning the jury heard further details of the allegations of sexual abuse made by Cynthia Owen.

She says she was sexually abused by 'B' on one occasion and that she was repeatedly raped by two men, identified as 'A' and 'C' and was also abused by people described in court as 'D' and 'E'.

The jury has also heard evidence that one of Ms Owen's brothers had committed suicide in the family home in Dalkey in 1995, and that another brother Michael was found dead near Killiney DART station.

The inquest continues tomorrow.