The woman who says she is the mother of a baby stabbed to death over 33 years ago, has said she will not challenge Minister for Justice Michael McDowell's decision to refuse permission for the exhumation.

However the woman, Cynthia Owen, has criticised the decision to bury the infant in a communal grave at Glasnevin Cemetery in April 1973.

Mr McDowell said the exhumation could not be justified as, due to the communal burial, an exhumation would have involved disturbing the bodies of at least 30 babies.

Mr McDowell said he understood that it is now the practice at Glasnevin Cemetery that the bodies of babies who are believed to have suffered a suspicious death are buried separately.

However, this was not the case he said in 1973.

The baby has never been formally identified.

Ms Owen, says she is the baby's mother and that she gave birth as a result of being sexually abused as a child.

She also says she witnessed a person stabbing the baby to death.