Minister of State Brian Lenihan has said the establishment of a Press Council may become one of Liam Lawlor's permanent achievements.

He told The Week in Politics programme a Press Council would now be established as a result of some of the reports last week on Mr Lawlor's death.

Niall Lawlor, the son of Liam Lawlor, earlier said the apologies published by some papers today did not replace the gut wrenching reports printed last weekend regarding the death of his father.

Speaking on RTÉ Radio’s This Week, Niall Lawlor said newspapers had every opportunity to print more of the truth of what was a strong story in its own right.

He said a line was drawn in the sand that forever more means the salacious material printed about Mr Lawlor will remain in the public domain.

He said the inaccuracies would indicate a definite decision by newspapers to dance on his father's grave.

Last Sunday, several newspapers published reports about the circumstances of the death of Liam Lawlor in a car accident in Moscow that turned out to be untrue.

Some Sunday newspapers printed apologies today for the erroneous reports and the hurt they caused the Lawlor family.