Solicitors acting for a woman who says she gave birth to two children after being abused as a child have said the State owes her an explanation for the way it has dealt with her allegations.

The solicitors have welcomed the news that an inquest is to be reopened into the death of an unidentified baby girl 32 years ago and said they hoped the woman would get some answers at that inquest.

Meanwhile, gardaí have spent a third day excavating the garden of a house in Dalkey in south Dublin in the search for the body of a baby boy the woman says was buried there in 1976.

The search is expected to continue for the rest of this week and into next week.

Some archaeological experts have said that if a baby's body was buried there 29 years ago, it is possible no evidence will be found at this time.

An inquest will reopen in September into the death of the girl.

The woman - known as Niamh - says she is the child's mother and that she witnessed the killing.

RTÉ News has learned that it is feared that two brothers and one sister of this woman - who have all died within the last ten years - were also victims of abuse.

It is understood, the sister who died this year left a written account of being abused, supporting key allegations made by 'Niamh'.