The retired Canadian judge, Peter Cory, has re-stated his belief that a public inquiry should be held to investigate the death of Belfast solicitor, Pat Finucane.

Speaking to RTÉ news for the first time since the publication of his report into allegations of security force collusion, he said that any such inquiry would not necessarily affect a prosecution.

It is the first time retired judge Peter Cory has spoken publicly since the publication of his report last week. He reiterated the recommendations of his report, which said that in all four controversial killings that he examined - including that of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane - a public inquiry should be held without delay.

On Thursday, the British government said no decision on an inquiry into the Finucane case would be announced until matters before the courts are resolved.

But Mr Cory said that a public inquiry could be held in conjunction with court proceedings without affecting a criminal prosecution, which would be before a single judge.

He also emphasised that the two governments agreed at their joint summit at Weston Park that if an independent judge came to the conclusion that there was evidence that warranted the holding of a public inquiry then there would be such an inquiry.

Since the publication of the report last Thursday, the family of Pat Finucane, the Irish Government and the US State Department have all called for the establishment of an immediate inquiry.