The Court of Criminal Appeal has declared that a miscarriage of justice took place in the case of the “Tallaght Two”. Joseph Grogan and Joseph Meleady were convicted of stealing a car in 1984. Their convictions were quashed in 1995 but the two never received a “miscarriage of justice” certificate.

Both Joseph Grogan and Joseph Meleady served sentences for stealing Mr Eamonn Gavin's car in 1984. Following further appeals and perjury trials, their convictions were finally quashed. This was brought about because of two new pieces of evidence that came to light - a fingerprint found in the stolen car and a memo. The fingerprint was that of Brendan Walsh. It was found in the front seats of the car but the original trial had said that the prints were in the back. The memo related to a book of photos that Eamonn Gavin was understood to have been shown before he identified Joseph Grogan and Meleady as the people who he believed stole his car.

It was because of this memo that the court today finally issued a certificate of “miscarriage of justice”. The judges ruled that if the two men were to go on trial again and this memo was part of the evidence, then Eamonn Gavin's evidence of identification would not have been allowed and so the two men would not have been convicted.

Now that the court has deemed that a miscarriage of justice did take place, Joseph Grogan and Joseph Meleady can seek compensation from the State. They have said that they intend to go ahead with a compensation claim but added that no money could replace their 'lost' years in prison.