Joseph Grogan and Joseph Meleady, also known as the Tallaght Two, have again protested their innocence in the Court of Criminal Appeal. The two men are attempting to clear their name and seek compensation from the state, 16 years after they were convicted of malicious damage to a car and assault on the car’s owner, Eamonn Gavin. Subsequent evidence led to their convictions being quashed and their case is now being re-heard in the Court of Criminal Appeal.

This month 17 years ago, Eamon Gavin's car was stolen from his home. He saw the car being taken and gave chase, ending up on the bonnet of the car as the perpetrators drove down the road. Eventually he was forced off the car. He identified Joseph Grogan and Joseph Meleady as the front seat passenger and driver. The case came to court and the pair were convicted. Subsequently, a new witness came forward and a re-trial took place. The verdict was the same and the new witness was prosecuted in a perjury trial. The court cases continued, during which evidence emerged of a fingerprint which was found in the front seat of the car. The jury in the first trial were told that this was found in the back seat. The owner of this fingerprint was Brendan Walsh. He admitted being in the front seat of the car and, before the trial of the 'Tallaght Two,' he pleaded guilty for his part in the crime. The Book of Evidence served upon him showed that his fingerprints were found in the front seats but Joseph Grogan and Meleady's trial heard otherwise.

The key issue in this trial is whether or not a miscarriage of justice took place. In 1995, Joseph Grogan and Joseph Meleady's convictions were eventually quashed in the Court of Criminal appeal as a result of this fingerprint evidence, but there was no declaration of a miscarriage of justice. They are now seeking such a declaration. If it is deemed that a miscarriage of justice took place, then the two men can seek compensation from the state.

Today, Joseph Grogan is a self-employed window cleaner, married with two kids. He is also a Jehovah's Witness minister. He and Joseph Meleady are both 34 years old and have long since served their prison sentences. Both men stated again in court today that they played no part in the theft of Eamon Gavin's car. The case continues.