A really easy way to start off a chic meal with something colourful and full of flavour is to serve a vegetable soup. I serve it with a salsa on top, which gives it a bit more flavour and makes it a bit more interesting.


  • A selection of seasonal vegetables: carrots, parsnips, celeriac, turnips, leeks; they all go into the pan to boil.
  • For the optional salsa: tomato, melon, pineapple and fresh parsley.


  • While my vegetables are boiling for the soup, I take time out to make the salsa to sit on top of the soup. There are lots of different possibilities, but you are always looking for contrast and with this soup I simply chopped together tomato, melon, pineapple and fresh parsley. Lovely fruity and fresh salsa.
  • When the vegetables are really cooked through, whiz them together with a hand blender until smooth. You could put them through a sieve, but I like to keep a little texture in mine.
  • Finish it off with a little cream and a lot of butter. Taste and add any seasoning you feel it requires and serve in dinky dishes. It's as simple as that!