To make things even simpler, we have chosen five excellent dishes for five varieties of food lovers out there, from families sitting together around the table to single people grabbing a meal on the go - even romantic dinner ideas for two!

Take a look at our 25 fish and vegetarian meal ideas. Curb the alcohol and enjoy a satisfying and filling Friday meal before the festivities of Easter this weekend:

Fulfilling family meals

1. Vera's seafood chowder - Neven Maguire

Neven's seafood

2. Cauliflower and green bean biryani - Kevin Dundon 

3. Roast vegetable coconut curry - Rachel Allen 

4. Killybegs fish pie - Neven Maguire

5. Orzo vegetable soup - Clodagh McKenna

Dinner for two

6. Baked pollock - Martin Shanahan

7. Parsnip and cumin soup with poached haddock - Oliver Dunne

8. Parmesan crusted fish of your choice - Stephane Reynaud

9. Lemon sole with pistachio pesto - Clodagh McKenna

10. Baked mushroom risotto - Rachel Allen

Lightning lunch on the go

11. Smoked salmon and chive fishcakes - Rachel Allen

12. Pan-fried cod - Martin Shanahan

13. Aubergine quick coconut curry - Rozanne Stevens

14. Warm and interchangeable shellfish salad - David McCann

15. Pear, blue cheese, walnut and rocket salad - Larry McCarthy

Pleasing the kids

16. A well-balanced smoked haddock kedgeree - Sally Bee

17. Chickpea burgers - Donal Skehan

18. DIY baked potatoes - Catherine Fulvio

19. Homemade fish fingers - Martin Shanahan

20. Vegetable pasta bake - Kevin Dundon

Healthy and wholesome

21. Shepherdless pie - The Happy Pear 

22. Soy steamed cod - Paul Flynn 

23. Barley and root vegetable stew - Domini Kemp 

24. Vegetarian gumbo - Lorraine Fitzmaurice 

25. Azuki burgers - Tommy Fitzmaurice 

Patrick Hanlon