To make things even simpler, we have chosen five excellent dishes for five varieties of food lovers out there, from families sitting together around the table to single people grabbing a meal on the go - even romantic dinner ideas for two!

Take a look at our 25 fish and vegetarian meal ideas. Curb the alcohol and enjoy a satisfying and filling Friday meal before the festivities of Easter this weekend:

Fulfilling family meals

1. Vera's seafood chowder - Neven Maguire

2.Cauliflower and green bean biryani from Kevin Dundon 

3. Roast vegetable coconut curry - Rachel Allen 

4. Neven Maguire's Killybegs fish pie

5. Clodagh McKenna's orzo vegetable soup 

Dinner for two

6. Baked pollock - Martin Shanahan

7. Oliver Dunne's parsnip and cumin soup with poached haddock

8. Parmesan crusted fish of your choice by Stephane Reynaud

9. Clodagh McKenna'slemon sole with pistachio pesto

10. Baked mushroom risotto from Rachel Allen

Lightning lunch on the go

11. Smoked salmon and chive fishcakes - Rachel Allen

12. Martin Shanahan's pan-fried cod

13. Rozanne Stevens' aubergine quick coconut curry 

14. David McCann's warm and interchangeable shellfish salad

15. Pear, blue cheese, walnut and rocket salad by Larry McCarthy

Pleasing the kids

16. A well-balanced smoked haddock kedgeree from Sally Bee

17. Donal Skehan's chickpea burgers

18. DIY baked potatoes from Catherine Fulvio

19. Martin's simple homemade fish fingers

20. Kevin Dundon's vegetable pasta bake 

Healthy and wholesome

21. The Happy Pear's shepherdless pie 

22. Soy steamed cod from Paul Flynn 

23. Barley and root vegetable stew from Domini Kemp 

24. Vegetarian gumbo made by Lorraine Fitzmaurice 

25. Azuki burgers by Tommy Fitzmaurice 

Patrick Hanlon