We all know it's important to count our blessings, particularly at times like these, not as a way of shaming us for finding this tough when others have it tougher, but rather to remind ourselves of the good in our lives that we’re not always consciously aware of.

Many of us feel sad and frustrated because of current restrictions or we’re fearful of what’s to come. It’s easy for those thoughts to take up residence in our minds. Counselling Psychologist Aisling Leonard Curtin explains how valuable practicing gratitude is to our mental well-being, how it impacts our brains and how it can sustain us when times get tough.

If you've never consciously practiced gratitude before, Aisling also shares a meditation at the end of the episode, to get you started.

Aisling and her wife, psychologist Trish Leonard-Curtin, are currently hosting free online group sessions on Wednesday evenings to help those feeling overwhelmed by the current crisis.

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