Sleep is crucial to our well-being, but sometimes, in the dead of night, our thoughts can keep us wide awake. Sound familiar?

Many of us are experiencing disrupted sleep at the moment. It may be because of an elevated anxiety level, or just because our regular routine has been turned on its head. Sleep is a cornerstone of well-being and good mental health, so it's really important that we get enough of it. 

Consultant Clinical Psychologist Dr. Claire Hayes talks about some of the dos and don’ts around sleep, shares some techniques that we can use to calm our minds if we’re struggling to nod off and she leads a relaxation exercise that you can either listen to at night or anytime you’re feeling anxious – it’s pretty relaxing though, so best not to listen while driving, etc.

Do yourself a favour, find someplace comfortable to sit or lie, switch off and enjoy.

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Note: This episode contains some information on relaxation techniques and therefore you should not listen while carrying out any task that requires your full attention including driving.