The new Operation Transformation leaders will be announced this week and to get us motivated, OT's fitness expert Karl Henry has shed some light on what the fitness trend of 2019 will be - and judging on his description of it, we won't even have to pretend to like it! 

With New Years only six weeks away, no doubt many of us are already planning our resolutions and plans to get fitter and stronger. It's the perfect time for new starts, though many fall into the trap of starting with too much intensity, too early on only to quit after three weeks. 

This year, things will be different if fitness trends are to be believed. We sat down with OT's Karl to find out what he thinks the next big thing in exercise will be, and you might be surprised to learn it's an old favourite primed to reappear. 

Even more shocking, it sounds like something we might ... actually enjoy? 

Watch the video above to find out what it is!