1. Cut yourself some slack!!

"Don't try and be superwoman, you already are superwoman!" Brenda said. "Because you're probably organising the uniforms, the lunches and all of that. And suddenly you're trying to lose weight and diet and plan and prep."

And you can make a mistake, you've planned to do something and the child gets a vomiting bug. And everything goes out the window. It happens. As a working Mum, or any kind of person with a busy lifestyle, give yourself a break and don't beat yourself up if something goes wrong."

2. Put the planning in!

Brenda admits that without proper planning, her progress suffers. Her advice? Spend even 10 minutes to check through your week and see what you can achieve on each day.

"Look at your week, look at all the different things you've on, all the different taxi journeys you're being made do."

And look at your food. And see what food works for each day. It might not necessarily be the exact date that's on the Operation Transformation plan. Because one dinner might need more prepping than another. and you don't have the space. So work it around your schedule, your life, your kids."

3. And when you get to it...exercising just feels great!

And lastly, with a smile on her face, Brenda says that when all the planning, preparing and everything in-between is done, simply getting a spot of exercise is tops! When you do go out, and get the exercise in, you feel great! And there's nothing better than feeling great!"

Listen to Brenda Donohue's tips from Celebrity Operation Transformation so far here:

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