Neven Maguire is back to help us prepare for the most momentous meal of the year - our Christmas dinner!

The Cavan chef returns to our screens tonight with a mouth-watering selection of Christmas recipes that won't disappoint. Aside from the usual Turkey, Sherry and Cranberry, Neven says he plans to bring goose into the mix.

"I've always wanted to include goose in my Christmas programmes because it's a traditional bird that I hope becomes as popular again as it once was", he says.

Neven's Christmas Menu:

Crispy Goat’s Cheese - get the recipe here.

Crispy Goat's Cheese
Neven's Crispy Goat’s Cheese

Lobster Bisque - get the recipe here

Lobster Bisque Neven's Christmas Menu
Neven's Lobster Bisque

Roast Goose - get the recipe here

Roast Goose
Neven's Roast Goose

Turkey Satay - get the recipe here

Turkey Satay
Neven's Turkey Satay

Vera’s Sherry Trifle - get the recipe here.

Sherry Trifle
Vera’s Sherry Trifle

Oat Biscuits & Candied Walnuts - get the recipe here.

Oat Biscuits & Candied Walnuts
Oat Biscuits & Candied Walnuts with Cheese

Fig and Cranberry Chutney - get the recipe here.

Neven Maguire
Watch part one of Neven Maguire's Christmas Menu on RTÉ One tonight

You can find more of Neven's delicious Christmas recipes from previous years here.

Part one of Neven's Christmas Menu will air on RTÉ One tonight, December 5th at 7pm. Part two will air on RTÉ One on Thursday, December 7th at 7pm.