The fabulous and funny Samantha Mumba was assigned the task of making ice-cream with Chef Adrian on his brand new show on RTÉ Player.

We grabbed at the chance to sit her down and ask her what her ultimate cheat meal is. And my God, did she deliver.

The singer told RTÉ LifeStyle's Soraiya Ryan that, traditionally, her family would tuck into fish and chips on a Friday, Chinese food on a Saturday and then a wholesome roast dinner or a sneaky round of leftovers on a Sunday.

However, before leaving us, the TV presenter dished on her ultimate cheat meal and it blew us away.

Samantha has a favourite Chinese restaurant out in Dunshaughlin and because she doesn't get out there too often, she likes to make every visit count...

"I'm actually embarrassed to even be telling you this. I ordered four dishes so that I have them for the week because it's so yummy and I don't get out there that much. [...] I basically stocked up on Chinese food. That's so bad, so bad. But yeah, I was delighted with myself."

Nothing better than a woman who appreciates the beauty of a dirty takeaway, Samantha!  

Chef Adrian is back on RTÉ Player to make the nation’s favourite dishes with the help of some celebrity guests including Samantha Mumba, PJ Gallagher, Mateo Saina of First Dates fame, Fair City's Jenny Dixon and 2fm's Keith Walsh.

The young chef put a shout out to his social media followers to find out where and what we Irish like to eat and the public did not fail to deliver. The votes for best tapas, pizza, chicken wings, chicken burger and ice cream are in and we are impressed...and hungry!

The restaurants voted for their top food to feature in the series are:

  • Best Chicken Burger - KC & Son & Sons in Cork
  • Best Tapas - Casa Tapas Bar & Grill in Wicklow
  • Best Pizza - The Dough Bros. Wood Fire Pizza in Galway
  • Best Chicken Wings - Elephant & Castle in Dublin
  • Best Ice Cream - Mammy Johnston’s in Sligo