The Happy Pear was started in 2004 by Flynn twin brother Dave and Steve. The bubbly brothers had been traveling the world (separately) when their twin thing kicked in and saw them both switch to a plant-based diet within a week of each other. The Happy Pear was born!

The brothers have created a movement within Ireland's health food industry with shops, café, product ranges and a massive online presence with a successful Youtube channel, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and everything in between. Their high-energy personalities and effervescent attitude has clearly won Ireland over as their following grows bigger by the day.

We caught up with The Happy Pear to find out what they give their kids to keep them happy and healthy. Do they have a sugar free household? Are fizzy drinks the devils drink? Are a packet of crisps seen as contraband? Nah, everything in moderation say the boys. 

"We focus on giving them really healthy food most of the time and when they're having a treat and they're going to a kids party, go to the party and get stuck in!"

Halloween can be a tricky time for parents as children go door to door to barter for a bin-bag's worth of sugar. Then they want to stay up watching scary movies while stuffing their faces with said sugar. Sleep seems like a forgotten thing of days gone by...

We asked the Happy Pear if they had any healthy alternatives treats to give the kids to keep their energy steady and their parents sane. As always, the Flynn twins delivered. The brothers recommend bananas, nut butters, dates, dried fruit and maybe even a little ice-cream for the weekend.

"Dairy free ice-cream is what we'll often have on a Friday night"

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