The brand new series of The Taste of Success is coming to RTÉ One! We cannot wait to tune in and watch contestants battle it out for a €10,000 prize! Dáithí Ó Sé will be searching for the winner with the help of some famous faces! Author Domini Kemp is back in her third year as mentor along with Munster mentor Eunice Power and Leinster mentor Roz Purcell.

Earlier this week I set out from the office sans makeup with messy bun hair and a nonchalant attitude only to be faced with the task of interviewing the former model face to face. Never have I regretted sporting a 'natural look' so much in my life. Luckily, Roz was warm and welcoming and the interview was off camera.  

We are massive fans of the ‘natural born feeder’ blogger (her Sinless Bannoffee is insane) so we are dying to see her on our screens! Here, the Leinster mentor explains what her role in the show will be:

"I have the horrible task of sending a good amount of people home!"


Ireland's foodie scene has exploded in recent years and that will definitely be reflected in the show! The top dishes will include everything from traditional Irish soda breads to tex-mex, and ‘inside out’ burgers to baby food. We heard that one contestant even brought vegan sausages to the table! 

While our favorite former model takes her health seriously and is constantly putting in her hours at the gym, she says she's not swayed by diet food for this competition.

"I really wanted to win, it was my first year in the compeition, so I just looked for something that was the tastiest"


So there you have it! Tune into RTÉ One on October 25th at 8.30pm for The Taste of Success.