Big Week on the Farm is truly eggsellent: Viewers got an all access tour of the secret life of an egg from the budding romance of rooster and hen to the incredibly detailed snapshot of the developing chick embryo.

Where do babies come from?
Hens lay eggs with or without the help of a rooster. But only those laid after mating are fertilised.

Eggs take about 25 hours to form, and once laid will be collected and eaten whether fertilised or not. This egg will need constant warmth for the 21 days it takes for the chick to develop and hatch.

Day 1:
The embryo is a barely visible disc of dividing cells. During development, the yolk will be absorbed by the growing chick. 

The heart can be clearly seen

Day 3:
The heart can already be seen beating. The development of the chick's brain and body has begun.

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Watch the entire clip from Big Week on the Farm below:

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Big Week on the Farm continues from 7pm tonight on RTÉ One. 

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Big Week on the Farm is co-funded with RTÉ by Science Foundation Ireland. Science and technology are increasingly part of modern farming and food production.