Deep Elm - 2004 - 43 minutes

US label Deep Elm has provided the emo genre with one of its greatest legacies through its compilations 'The Emo Diaries', which is six years and ten volumes in and still going strong.

Now Deep Elm has decided to address the needs of the indie rock faithful with its first showcase for new and upcoming bands.

While Larne outfit Throat and Jerusalem band The Pit That Became A Tower are among the chosen twelve, the remainder of bands hail from the US, offering up everything from the sublime to the workmanlike.

Highlights include the melodic angst of New Mexico's The Kidcrash, the mix of crazy time changes and techno keyboards from New Jersey band Dino Velvet and Minneapolis' Clair De Lune, who make up for their patchy debut album with some well-worked fury.

But the star here, however, has nothing to really do what many would call indie rock. Laura Erdos' 'Silver and Gold' has no guitars or peddles, just a voice, piano and drumkit but sticks from the first time you hear it. In the spirit of true adventure, Deep Elm should sign her for a whole record.

As for the next volume of this series, like 'The Emo Diaries', casting a wider net over the rehearsals rooms of the world is what's needed.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: The Pit That Became A Tower: I Must Save the President - Clair De Lune: Marionettes - The Blind King: Indie Pop Song - Dino Velvet: Weekend Warriors - Second Hand Stories: Frontiers - Throat: Saturday - Winter in Alaska: Puzzle: Part One - Joanna Erdos: Silver and Gold - Siva: G - Lakota: So Simple - Leaving Rouge: Rooms - The Kidcrash: Bells and Hammers