Deep Elm Records - 2004 - 39 minutes

From its acclaimed compilation series 'The Emo Diaries' to the Appleseed Cast's 'Low Level Owl Vols I & II', American label Deep Elm has brought out some of the most interesting independent releases in recent years and served as an inspiration for people who want to do it their own way.

Minneapolis outfit Clair De Lune are one of Deep Elm's next generation of bands, but their debut shows they've some distance to go before arriving at the heights others on the label have scaled.

While At the Drive-In are a reference point, CDL haven't the same anthemic quality to their songs and the self-production often reduces their post-hardcore to sounding like emo you've heard before.

The undeniable promise that Clair De Lune have is hampered by a tendency for the songs to blur into each other - figuring that out could be the best thing to happen to them. For the moment, however, this is a case of potential with strings attached.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Sailor Beware - Ghost of the Hill - Life On Remote - Passenger View - Twenty Threes - Machinegun Lipstick - Blue Ribbon - Relapse - Things They Carried - Varicose