It is reported that EastEnders will put Albert Square through the wringer yet again when the family and friends of Kat Moon are told that she has died.

The character - last seen drowning in Irish spin-off Redwater - will be back in Walford in the coming months with star Jessie Wallace promising that Kat's return alongside aunt Jean and grandmother Mo Harris would be "incredibly exciting".

Jessie Wallace as Kat and Shane Richie as Alfie in Irish spin-off Redwater

Now British tabloid The Sun claims that Kat's E20 comeback will begin with tragic news. 

"Kat's return has caused a lot of excitement, but it won't be quite what everyone's expecting," a source said.

Kat (Jessie Wallace) will be back in Albert Square with aunt Jean (Gillian Wright)

"Rather than her friends and family rolling out the red carpet the residents are told she has died. It's set to be a very emotional storyline - but that's probably fitting for Kat.

"It won't all be quite as it seems and the writers have some further twists and turns planned."

Shane Richie has turned down the chance to reprise his role as Kat's husband Alfie

Last month, actor and singer Shane Richie told The Sun he had turned down the chance to reprise his role as Alfie Moon and reunite with co-star Wallace.

"I'm in a fortunate position where I can pick and choose what I want to do and EastEnders at the moment I said 'no' to it," he explained.

"I just need to take a break from television and a little break away from showbiz."

EastEnders airs on RTÉ One and BBC One on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

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