Kavanagh, Patrick

Patrick Kavanagh, (1904-67), was an author and journalist.

Born in Monaghan, his first collection, 'Ploughman and Other Poems', was published by Macmillan in 1936. He moved to Dublin in 1939 and became a freelance journalist, writing occasional features and book reviews for newspapers the 'Irish Times', the 'Irish Independent', and the 'Irish Press'. Major works include the long poem 'The Great Hunger' (1942), the novel 'Tarry Flynn' (1948) and 'Come Dance with Kitty Stobling and Other Poems' (1960). He also contributed a weekly column to the the RTV Guide (1964-67).

Films about Kavanagh include the two Telefís Éireann productions 'Self Portrait' (1962) and 'A Film Profile of Patrick Kavanagh' (1966), and Loopline’s 'Patrick Kavanagh - No man's Fool' (2004).