RTÉ News moves from using film cameras to cover stories for television to using video. Electronic news gathering (ENG) means video is replacing film.

A report on how electronic news gathering (ENG) is replacing the traditional methods of RTÉ Television News covering stories from around the country. Reporter Tommie Gorman explains how video will allow stories to be brought to air much quicker than when reports had to be made on film. The railway service was vital on getting news stories from around the country to the RTÉ studios in Dublin.

Gerry Murray a technician in the Sligo studios sends pictures from a video tape to Dublin electronically. Wesley Boyd Head of RTÉ News talks about how a changeover from film to video cameras is now almost complete.

At the opening of new regional RTÉ studios in Sligo local press are briefed on how ENG will work. Two local camera men Jim Eccles and Josie McGarrigle who provided mute film pictures to RTÉ are presented with awards for over twenty years service.

Rory O'Connor of RTÉ explains how live pictures can now be brought into the major news programmes.

Reporter Jim Fahy on how a briefing to local newspaper journalists at RTÉ's Galway offices on the speed ENG equipment would make a story available. During the briefing it became possible to demonstrate the efficiency as camera crew returned from Athenry with a report about a protest that was still taking place.