Irish traditional musicians Barney McKenna, Tony MacMahon and Micko Russell perform in the streets of Ennis, Co. Clare.

Barney McKenna and Tony MacMahon are pictured in Ennis, Co. Clare during a Fleadh Cheoil, a traditional music festival. Barney McKenna on banjo and Tony MacMahon on accordion sit on the steps of a monument and play a tune.

Tony MacMahon, who grew up in Ennis, tells the gathered crowd about the travelling musicians he remembers who came to his father's house. These travelling musicians were given money by the local people. And so Barney and Tony are following in their steps. Barney McKenna uses his hat to collect from the audience in the street. Barney McKenna and Micko Russell dance an old style reel in the street while Tony MacMahon plays. Tony MacMahon introduces west Clare musician Micko Russell who plays a reel on the tin whistle.