Ian Paisley outlines what he and his followers are trying to achieve.

From Ardenlee Avenue, Belfast, Paisley argues that they are trying to protect the Ulster constitution as set down in the Ireland Act of 1920 and to maintain themselves as part of the United Kingdom out of loyalty to the Protestant revolution of 1688 to 1690.

Paisley and his followers believe in the British constitution is a protestant constitution which provides all the privileges and liberties that Protestantism stands for. He feels that a majority of Roman Catholics would deny the protestants of the liberties that they should have. Whereas Protestantism is prepared to give liberty to all within the boundaries of the law, according to Paisley. Paisley's issue is with the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic church as opposed to individual Catholics.

They also discuss notions of propaganda in the media, symbolism, violence, and his ongoing plight to preserve and protect biblical Protestantism.