On 10 November 1966 Jack Lynch was appointed Taoiseach and leader of the Fianna Fáil Party following the resignation of Seán Lemass.

When Lemass announced his resignation he said that the office of Taoiseach should now go to a younger man. Proposed candidates to succeed Lemass included Charles Haughey and George Colley. However, the man who had consistently ruled himself out as a potential Taoiseach, Minister for Finance Jack Lynch, became leader of the party and the nation. 

The new Taoiseach Jack Lynch addressed a press conference where he outlined his views on Fianna Fáil policy, the common market and the issue of partition between northern and southern Ireland. 

This report was presented by Seán Duignan as part of the 'Diary of 1966' and broadcast on 31 December 1966.

Maureen Lynch also spoke to Ann Binchy of RTÉ News about her role as the wife of the newly elected Taoiseach. This RTÉ News report was broadcast on 10 November 1966.