There was something of a fairy tale dimension to this meeting, exactly a year and a day after Colin McStay underwent a liver replacement operation performed by Doctor Thomas Starzl in Pittsburgh in the United States of America.

Today, Ireland’s miracle boy Colin McStay laughed and played on the steps of the Great Southern Hotel in Galway. He was reunited with Doctor Starzl who was in Galway to lecture at a medical conference. Doctor Sarzl was delighted to meet Colin and see how well he was doing.

He looks great, he looks like a good result, he looks like a normal boy, it’s nice to see him again.

Colin’s parents Leonard and Margaret McStay spoke of their own joy at Colin’s progress and of the importance he has played in helping focus attention on life saving transplant operations.

Margaret McStay notes they left Dublin 18 months ago with very little encouragement from the Irish medical profession regarding seeking a transplant for Colin. A lot has changed in those 18 months.

An RTÉ News report by Jim Fahy broadcast on 11 October 1985.